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Changelog 04.03.2022

[+] Fixed reported issues about Change Class module
[+] Added 10+ New Quests (Achievements)
[+] Removed BC Gates and BC Statue Killer Quests
[+] Changed Gold Coins reward amount in Quests
[+] Changed Reward types for few Quests
[+] Changed Starter Buff time from 3 days to 1 day


Added March 4, 2022
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Maintenance 04.03.2022

We are going have "Maintenance Time" in 04.03.2022 at around 18:00 - 20:00 PM (by Server Time). Website will be offline for around 20 minutes and Server is going to be offline for around 60 minutes. If everything goes as planned, we will be back already at 19:00 PM (by Server Time), if not then we will go back to old (current)...


Added March 2, 2022
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Changelog 18.02.2022

[!] Fixed visual text AG skill usage in game client
[!] Fixed Achievement "Unlock" functionality
[!] Fixed website market item level display issues
[!] Fixed Wings Filter search in website market
[!] Fixed Happy Hour EXP rates in reported cases
[+] Updated Currency Market and Character Market


Added February 18, 2022
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Changelog 11.02.2022

[!] Fixed item names and color in website market
[+] Changed Kundun drop reward to 380 Exc/Anc+Exc
[+] Changed Kundun and Mini-Boss to fixed spawn time
[+] Changed Golden Invasion time duration max 1 hour
[+] Added Kundun, Mini-Boss spawn message on screen
[+] Added Poison Resistance 80-99% rate to Goldens


Added February 11, 2022
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Changelog 07.02.2022

[!] Fixed BK Swell Life visual text % in Skill Tree
[!] Fixed BK Impale skill damage issue
[+] Added multiple skills support to use safe area
[+] Changed BK Regular Swell Life buff max rate +70%
[+] Changed BK Master Swell Life buff max rate +80%
[+] Changed Sealed Box reward (more info: HERE)


Added February 7, 2022
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