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Changelog 13.01.2020

* We updated our server files to the newest stable version, so you need to download our new Game Client Installer v3 in order to continue to play ! 
[+] Fixed Client Freeze issue
[+] Changed Karutan1 to Non-PvP
[+] Changed Karutan1 monster count per spot to 5
[+] Added 3 extra new spots in Stadium


Added January 13, 2020
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Changelog 10.01.2020

[+] Changed Castle Siege resets accumulated time
[+] Changed global chat /post price to 1kk
[+] Changed PK Clear command price to 50kk * PK
[+] Changed PK Clear at the website 500kk - Clear All
[+] Changed VIP player PK Clear price as non VIP
[+] Changed GR Free Point System


Added January 10, 2020
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We wish you a Marry Christmas and a Happy New Year !
We got a little Gift for everyone, so we give you +20% PROMOTION on any Donation you make and we offer -10% DISCOUNTS on all Webshop items.
Do not miss this opportunity, it will be active only for 10 days (from 21.December till 31.December) !


Added December 21, 2019
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Changelog 15.12.2019

[+] Increased All Golden Monster Strength
[+] Increased 3rd Quest Dark Elf Boss Strength
[+] Increased Devil Square EXP +50% more
[+] Increased Ancient Item drop rate % in CC
[+] Added Reported missing items at Raklion drop
[+] Added Newcomer Bonus, reset 1st 350, 2nd 380
[+] Fixed Ancient Item drop list in LOT
[+] Fixed Ancient Item drop list in Chaos Castle
[+] Fixed Ancient Item drop list from Kundun Boss
[+] Changed Next Castle Siege Fight Start to 18:00


Added December 15, 2019
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Changelog 12.12.2019

[+] Increased ELF PvM damage by +40%
[+] Increased Golden Invasion monster count
[+] Decreased RF PvM damage by -10%
[+] Decreased Attack Radius for monsters in Kalima
[+] Decreased drop of Sacred Birth Star in Loren Deep
[+] Added Box of Kundun item drop list @ Guides...


Added December 12, 2019
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