[HIGH x1000]
Server Launch - 20 FEBRUARY
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S6 E3 Original [Unique Game Project] - Join Us
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HARD x10 Launch - 5 FEBRUARY

EliteMU is finally releasing our first HARD server with EXP x10 ! We recently released many big changes and updates...and we will continue to improve daily game-play and make server more interesting, balanced and of course - more fun.
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Added January 31, 2021
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Changelog 29.01.2021

[+] Added New items - Chaos Card (Mini, Rare, Gold)
[+] Fixed Dimension Mirror Event excellent option drop
[+] Fixed Dark Raven Success Attack Rate
[+] Increased (SUM) PvM damage by 20%
[+] Increased (ELF) PvM damage by 10%
[+] Increased (ELF, SUM, MG, DL) PvP damage by 10%


Added January 29, 2021
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Changelog 23.01.2021

[+] Updated our Anti-Hack system to the latest version
[+] Fixed Free Stats issue (Limited Stats enabled now)
[+] Fixed Mana issue for classes SM, SUM
[+] Fixed HP increment per point issue for SM
[+] Fixed Change Name function in website
[+] Fixed Item Remove from the Market issue in website


Added January 23, 2021
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MEDIUM server lovers, we are back with x200 server. Many things have been fixed and changed...and we will continue to improve daily game-play and make server more interesting, balanced and of course - more fun.
(Freebie) Get Free 500 Coins: HERE


Added January 5, 2021
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Dear EliteMU members, starting from now till 31.December you can Donate and get +30% more Coins than usually (extra Coins already added inside the package).

We wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !


Added December 21, 2020
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