[HIGH x1000]
Opening of v2 HIGH x1000 - 10.NOVEMBER
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[EliteMU Online]
S6 E3 Original [Unique Game Project] - Join Us
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Since 2019 - In EliteMU We Trust
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[Updates] Changelog 22.11.2023, more info
[Updates] Changelog 14.11.2023, more info
[Updates] Changelog 03.11.2023, more info
[Updates] Changelog 28.10.2023, more info
[Updates] Changelog 21.10.2023, more info
[Updates] Changelog 13.10.2023, more info
[Updates] Changelog 06.10.2023, more info
[Updates] Changelog 30.09.2023, more info
[Updates] Changelog 19.09.2023, more info

Maintenance 30.11.2023

[Maintenance time] In upcoming days, maybe already tomorrow there will be small update (changelog) released together with new Patch v2.0.3 - which will be required to download in order to join game

  • there might be some ~1 hour offline time (for game servers)
  • Patch v2.0.3 will be RELEASED @ downloads only AFTER that "~1 hour offline time"
  • more specific information will be announced tomorrow


Added November 29, 2023
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v2.0 HIGH x1000 - 10.NOVEMBER

We are opening new rate server - HIGH x1000. Many updates and changes has been released since we opened our first edition server of v2 (LOW x30), all update Changelogs can find in Forum, Discord or in our homepage news. We are just getting started, more nice things to come.


Added November 1, 2023
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v2.0 LOW x30 - 15.SEPTEMBER

EliteMU Online is ready to open new v2.0 (version 2) server - LOW x30, with cool features and improved game-play. We started the preparation and transition to v2.0 exactly 1 year ago, to make sure our servers are getting better, stable and much more interesting.


Added September 8, 2023
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