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Server Launch - 20 FEBRUARY
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HIGH x1000 - 11.December

After releasing bunch of new updates, changes and fixes HIGH x1000 is ready to be launched in DECEMBER 11th with the best configuration we had so far !
In EliteMU we trust - Join Us NOW !




Added December 5, 2020
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Changelog 04.12.2020

[+] Decreased RF PvP damage by 10%
[+] Changed RF Dark Side damage formula (Energy)
[+] Changed Nightmare Boss item drop count to 3 items
[+] Enabled (IT) Illusion Temple Event (more info: HERE)
[+] Updated Webshop items (maximum sets till BOK +4)
[+] Added Chaos Card drop in (DS) Devil Square 1-7


Added December 4, 2020
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Changelog 01.12.2020

[+] Fixed website reported bugs
[+] Removed extra monsters from BC 1-6
[+] Changed BC Statue to first room (after 1st bridge)
[+] Increased item drop rate by +10% when finishing BC
[+] [LOW x50] Changed Max GR limit = 5
[+] [LOW x50] Changed GR free point reward system


Added December 1, 2020
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LOW x50 Launch - 6 NOVEMBER

We are happy to announce that LOW x50 is ready to be Launched in 6.NOVEMBER. In last months we have made many, many adjustments - released many updates, fixes and improvements to make game more balanced, interesting and more fun and fair for everyone - Join US !


Added November 1, 2020
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Changelog 31.10.2020

[+] Added New 12h option for Seals, Pets in CashShop
[+] Increased Top Boss Strength by ~30% (team-up)
[+] Increased Price for Elite Pots, Sphere in CashShop
[+] Changed Medusa Boss item drop count to 3 items
[+] Removed Drakan spot from Stadium
[+] Updated some features in websites functionality


Added October 31, 2020
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