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Changelog 21.02.2020

[+] Changed ML EXP in Swamp of Peace to Double EXP
[+] Increased Sphere 4, Sphere 5 Drop Rate %
[+] Changed Chat /post price to 1kk (30 sec delay)
[+] [HIGH] Increased Condor Flame Drop Rate %
[+] [HIGH] Changed /pkclear price 20kk * PK count
[+] [HIGH] Changed Boss Respawn Time x2 faster


Added February 21, 2020
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[HIGH x1000] Launch - 7 FEBRUARY

This moment is finally here - HIGH x1000 is finally ready to be opened. All information about HIGH x1000 - Game Data, Reset & Grand Reset, Base Information, In-Game Commands, Website Features and Party Bonus you can find here down below or HELP.ELITEMU.NET...share and invite your friends here in EliteMU Online !


Added February 2, 2020
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Changelog 02.02.2020

[+] Updated information at our Guides Help Site
[+] Changed Talisman of Chaos Assembly to tradable
[+] Decreased Claw of Beast drop rate %
[+] Decreased Mirror Fragment drop rate %
[+] Decreased Devil Square Eye, Key drop rate %


Added February 2, 2020
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Changelog 23.01.2020

[+] Added 3 New spots in Kalrutan2
[+] Increased (DS) Devil Square EXP to Double EXP
[+] Increased Doppelganger Event Monster Count * 10
[+] Increased Sacred Birth Star drop rate % Loren Deep
[+] Increased Mirror Fragment drop rate %
[+] Increased Paper Scrap drop rate %


Added January 23, 2020
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Changelog 13.01.2020

* We updated our server files to the newest stable version, so you need to download our new Game Client Installer v3 in order to continue to play ! 
[+] Fixed Client Freeze issue
[+] Changed Karutan1 to Non-PvP
[+] Changed Karutan1 monster count per spot to 5
[+] Added 3 extra new spots in Stadium


Added January 13, 2020
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