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Dear EliteMU members, we want to announce that we have a great news about EliteMU community and its future plans.

First, we want to say big thank-you to each of everyone who have been and is playing here, who appreciate how our server and website system is designed and configured, who have supported this community no matter what.
Second thing, we want to remind that we have a huge plans and still plenty of ideas, most of them are going to be implemented sooner or later - so we are not going anywhere, we are here to stay for long-term !

About our community and its future plans.
Updates and Changes - we want to remind you, that we listen to and care about our players and our main goal is to make server as interesting and entertaining as possible. Now, with the current server-file system we have almost reached the near-end configuration, that means - in order to continue to grow, develop and improve our server, it is finally time to start the process of changing our server-files, re-configure everything from scratch, every single detail almost 1:1 like it is now and make it even better, with some few new features, new configurations, etc. This will include most of the about ~95% current issue fixes, like: fully functioning reconnect system with party save if party member/leader gets disconnected, fixed 380/400lvl item random disconnect issues, fixed elf multi-shot issue with some specific bows, fixed summoner berserker/skill issues in some scenarios, improved off-level system, fixed mob spawn displayed in wrong coordinates and could not hit the mob in some scenarios, less launcher issues, more improved anti-hack system and a lot more things will be fixed, these are just the main ones. Of course, we must be ready, that some new small issue might appear (at least at the start) as most of server-files are never perfect or some things can be configured differently than it's currently, because the configuration settings/formulas are a lot different and you can just change the parameters instead of the whole formula.
Basically, what are we going to do right now is re-configure the whole server from 0, to make sure the most important things are suppose to work as they should (because over the years a lot has been changed, adjusted and needs to be re-tested completely), take current player experiences, reports and suggestions - combine all these things and add them into our new server-eco system.
Server and website - we can not say exact month and day when everything it's going to be completed, but rough estimated time could like this...start the process already started in September. September month was the start of the whole preparation - environment, databases, setups, files inspection, etc. Next 3 months: October, November, December - going to be devoted for server-file configuration to make servers base fundamentals almost 1:1 like it is right now (90% of it) - new improvements, class skill re-configuration, Event related things, Box bags, Drop system for each map/monster, etc., PvP and PvM re-configuration and bunch of many other things. After that, website adjustments - will be the website improvements and fixes, synchronization with new database tables (because it's designed different from current database), new improved launcher/client testing.
Current servers - are going to continue to work and receive support and changes if needed, because we want to keep our community together and still attract new players here in our environment and our configuration "system-style".

Things are not going to change as fast as all we would like to, because it requires a lot of time to complete the stage of the whole process, but one thing I always say and will say..."slowly, but surely we are going to get better and better !"

More specific information about current development progress and other things related will be posted most likely in December or January, then we will have more clear picture about everything. Remember, once our new-system server (EliteMU v2.0) is opened - development wont stop there, it will never be 100% done, because there will be always something, that there can be changed/updated. So, this is the plan for start of the 2023 year, but by the end of 2023 year we are planning to release and make a custom, new designed for our website (EliteMU v3.0), which will be the final phase of these called "huge plans". After that, we just continue to improve and improve once again.


EliteMU admin "timeless"


Added October 21, 2022
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