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Changelog 23.05.2020

[+] Added Elpis Refinery NPC in Aida 1 spawn
[+] Changed Potion Delay Time from 100ms to 125ms
[+] Changed Post Chat cooldown to 20 seconds
[+] [LOW x50] Changed reset level (1st reset = 350 lvl, 2nd reset = 380 lvl, 3+ resets = 400 lvl (more info: HERE)
[+] [LOW x50] Fixed EXP as it should be (more info: HERE)
[+] Removed BK Helper Bot Buffer
[+] Removed Divine item drop from Firecracker
[+] [HIGH x1000] Fixed Loch Feather drop issue
[+] [HIGH x1000] Increased Ancient item drop rate in (CC) Chaos Castle by +10% (more info: HERE)
[+] Fixed visual texts and images in website
[+] Fixed Character Market reported issues
[+] Updated Community rules (more info: HERE)


Added May 23, 2020
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