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Changelog 12.09.2020

[+] Added New Feature Luck option for 3rd Wings (more info: HERE)
[+] Added Premium Launcher system for fast updates
[+] Changed Potion Delay Time (from 8 potions to 7 potions per second)
[+] Changed Delay 7 seconds to SM Teleport scrolls
[+] Changed TOP 10 Voter reward to Gold Coins (more info:  HERE )
[+] Changed Lord Mix Daily Limit = 3 and mix settings (more info: HERE)
[+] Changed Requests command to: /request on/off (more info: HERE)
[+] Fixed Skill Tree Reset function in website
[+] Fixed client freeze while having multiple client instances running and holding any key
[+] Fixed scenario when doing divorce did not actually divorced one of sides
[+] Fixed GameServer crash
[+] Fixed invisibility buff for GM making him visible in certain scenarios
[+] Fixed Attack Delay issue of selected skills
[+] Fixed default spawn zone after dying in Baracks of Balgass
[+] Fixed ability to enter a party within Chaos Castle using /setparty command
[+] Fixed Dark Side skill does not consume mana when targetting monster
[+] Fixed Pants defense not properly applied
[+] Fixed Demon and Satan improper damage addition
[+] Fixed selection of Stun effect issues
[+] Fixed selection of scenarios when expirable item could become normal one
[+] Fixed selection of chaos box mixes, options and luck
[+] Updated Game Guides @ HELP.ELITEMU.NET


Added September 12, 2020
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