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Changelog 01.03.2021

[+] Updated game, hosting server with latest updates
[+] Fixed Clear SkillTree issue in website
[+] Fixed Master Skill Tree reported issues
[+] Added 1x new spot in Barracks
[+] Added Lahap and other NPC location in Noria
[+] Added Off-Level feature in Stadium/Arena map
[+] Added New spots in Stadium (5x mobs per spots)
[+] Added Rules in Guild War section for Castle Siege (more info: HERE)
[+] Changed zen and level req for teleport to Stadium
[+] Changed maps Kalima 1-6 to Non-PvP zone (more info: HERE)
[+] Changed map Kalrutan 1 to PvP zone
[+] Changed Reset Stats price to 100 Coins


Added March 1, 2021
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